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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Straighter, Frizz Free hair!

A Brazilian keratin treatment is a procedure done in a salon that straightens all types of hair. It removes frizziness and strengthens the hair through the use of keratin, a protein naturally found in the hair. Brazilian keratin treatments leave hair smooth, glossy, and straight.

.Why Keratin is Good for Hair

Keratin is a protein found naturally in human hair. It fortifies the hair shaft, making it more resilient and less prone to breakage. Curly and wavy hair naturally contains less keratin than straight hair. Brazilian keratin treatment is a natural way to straighten hair by adding more keratin to the cuticle. During a Brazilian keratin treatment, a solution high in keratin is applied to the hair to reinfuse keratin, rendering hair silky, shiny, and straight. In addition to straightening the hair, the treatment fortifies hair with strength and elasticity.

How It Works

As the solution sits on your hair, small keratin molecules penetrate the hair cortex. These molecules work inside the hair shaft to reinfuse it with strength and improve texture. This is what causes the straight, glossy look the treatment is known for.

While the small molecules are working inside the hair shaft, the large keratin molecules coat the outside of the hair shaft. They form a protective barrier that further strengthens the hair by warding off environmental damage and helping to protect against stresses like heat styling.

What to Expect

At a salon, your hair will first be shampooed. A stylist will then apply a solution to your hair, coating all strands from roots to tips. This is the Brazilian keratin treatment. After the treatment has had maximum impact on your hair, the stylist will blow-dry and then flatiron your hair. Flatironing seals the keratin into the hair shaft and completes the treatment. The whole process will take about two hours, but will vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Do not wet your hair or use any product for four full days after the treatment. Adding anything to the hair, even water, could reverse the effects of the treatment.

Typically, a keratin treatment lasts about three months. The effects will not wear off during those three months, meaning you'll have straight, shiny hair every day without the aid of heat styling or flatirons. Price varies by location, but on average, it costs around $300, as of June 2010.

Ideal Candidates for Brazilian Keratin Treatments

Anyone who wants smooth, sleek, straight, shiny hair is an ideal candidate for Brazilian keratin treatments. Pregnant and nursing women are advised to avoid this treatment.

Before keratin treatments were widely available, a Japanese straightening technique was popular. Because it was so damaging, Japanese straightening could only be performed on non-colored hair. Unlike Japanese straightening, Brazilian keratin treatments can be performed on any type of hair, including highlighted and colored hair.

A Word of Warning

Some earlier forms of the treatment contained formaldehyde. The treatment was discovered in Brazil by a mortician who noticed that corpses' hair was straightening during the embalming process. This was attributed to formaldehyde, which was used in the original formulas of the Brazilian keratin treatment. Before the procedure begins, confirm with your stylist that the treatment you are receiving is formaldehyde-free.

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Happy defrizzing!



Anonymous said...

Brazilian Blow-out is not Formaldehyde free; it contains Glutaraldehyde which is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor used to disinfect medical and dental equipment. It is also used for industrial water treatment and as a chemical preservative. Coppola is Formaldehyde free. Surprised you would promote the Brazilian with all of the healthy stuff you are into.

Janna said...

If i might dissagree with the previous comment, Brazillian Blowout's specialists at 1-877-779 -7706 will gladly tell you, that their formulation does not contain Formaldehyde, or any of the Aldehyde families, including the one mentioned above (glutaraldehyde). As far as the Coppola product, it has been stated that they do not contain Formaldahyde, but do contain a low % of Aldahyde. So to stand behind Coppola as if they do not contain anyform of aldehyde is misleading. We cannot not pit one product against the other, if they are both saying that they are either free of hyde, or containing a low % of it, making it safe for users, then I think Coppola is a great product, as do i believe that of Brazillian Blowout. They seem to be the two products that have proved to withstand scrutiny in the industry, and are rising to the occasion. We can only do as much research as humanly possible. Neither Coppola nor Brazillian Blowout have been around long enough to show long term affects thru clinically studies. Only time will tell, as with the rest of products we have used in this industry. ie, ammonia?

In a nutshell, I will say, that in the beauty industry, we have used chemicals in everything from Japanese Hairstraightening, Perms, Colors, and hairsprays. Our industry is not free from chemicals, nor have we ever claimed that to be. But i can say, that I try to use what is the best for my clients and for myself, which is why i have done as much research as i have on the products i use.
As the recent comment said "Surprised that you would promote the brazillian with all the healthy stuff you are into", well, I belive in balance, and that means i try to be as healthy as i can be for myself and my family, but i dont live in a bubble,I try to eat as healthy as possible, but every once in a while, I get the IN & OUT urge too! I'll even drive thru McDonalds a few times a year for their fabulous greasy fries, hey, what can i say! I believe there are much worse things going on out there, besides the brazillian blowout..
If you happen to have more information, please share what ever knowledge you may have, it seems to be a controversial topic all over the internet.