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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Another great find-
My girlfriend Michelle, bought me a little household handbook of what to eat instead of this..
A couple of lines from the book that I want to quote, go something like this:
  • One in Three children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes at some point in his or her lifetime.
  • Overweight kids were more likely to suffer bone fractures and 30 percent more likely to suffer from joint or muscle pain than children of normal weight.
  • even and old complaint of middle age folk, kidney stones, has begun to surface with regularity in children
  • An average American consumes 82 grams of added sugars every day, which contribute an empty 317 calories to our diets
  • Marketers are adding new types of preservatives, fats, sugars, and other new food subs to our daily meals
  1. Every Year, Americans spend and estimated 42 billion on diet books; 18.5 billion on health club memberships; and 5.2 billion on diet foods and weight loss programs
  2. Kids ages 2 to 11 will see 26,000 tv ads this year, 22 percent of them marketing food
  3. The message that junk food equals instant happiness- is one that sticks with a child for all of his life.

Dog paddling through the nutritional ocean:

  • Rule #1


  • Rule #2


  • Rule #3


Example of "Eat this not that"

  • Dairy---

EAT THIS--2 percent milk, string cheese, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, sweetened with fresh fruit,,

NOT THIS--Chocolate milk, ice cream, hot cheese dip, yogurt with fruit on the bottomThis book goes on and on,, from healthy natural snacks to packaged foods.. Eat Spaghetti O's instead of Macaroni and cheese.. (If you have to have one or the other)

Spaghetti O's has 260 calories, 10 grams of fat, 990 mg sodium

Macaroni and Cheese 410 calories, 19 grams of fat, 710 mg sodium..

It event talks about how to read labels efficiently, and what fast food items to choose over others..

I think that our world is finally opening their eyes to not only what they are putting in their mouths, but also into the mouths of their children..

Happy Eating Peeps....

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Lynordess said...

I LOVE this book. So many easy tips for eating SMARTER on the go. As a Mom sometimes I am rushing out the door to yet another practice or meeting and don't have time to cook a homemade meal. This book gave me tools to make better choices whether I am at a restaurant or in the boxed/canned isle at the grocery store. I would recommend it to anyone. More over...I DARE YOU not to find at least 3 tips you will use in your day to day life. Happy Reading!