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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mammograms YUK!!!!

OK...I know I have to do it, but I really don't want to...I'll be 40 this year.. my grandmother died from breast cancer, and my mother is a survivor of breast cancer .. The obvious is that I should go and get my next Mammogram,... I had one 4 years ago,,, hated it!!! I felt like my boobs were going to explode...Then,, they found a small lump that could be felt but not seen on the Mammogram, so they decide to do a ultra sound.. why didn't they do the ultra sound in the first place....I hear that they get paid a lot more for the mammograms so,, there we have it.. So I went to my new OBGYN for my yearly (thats a whole other story) worst bedside manner on the planet... anyway, I get my prescription to get my mammo... and I have had it in my purse for over a month now... I so do not want to get that Mammogram...aarrgghhh!!! Well as destiny will have it,, I mention it to one of my clients yesterday (I am a hairdresser) and she says,, have you heard of Thermography? It is the least invasive, and it doesn't stay in your body for the next 4000 centuries... From what I am understanding,, Mammograms yearly.. "they think" can cause some of the cases of breast cancers... I have to read more, .. I am going to have Thermography instead of a mammogram.,.. I am so pleased there is an alternative... and it seems that it is safe to start when you are younger for early detection.. Breastthermography.com is dedicated to providing information on breast thermography, risk assessment, breast cancer, early detection, prevention and ultimately the preservation of the breast and the survival of women. Current research has determined that the key to breast cancer survival rests upon its earliest possible detection. If discovered in its earliest stages, 95% cure rates are possible. Our center is dedicated to providing one of the most essential tests in breast cancer risk assessment and early detection. SeeWhat Patients are Saying and What Doctors are Saying. THE EARLIEST BREAST CANCERDETECTION AVAILABLE Wouldn't it be great if there was a test that could offer women true early detection, enough in advance to prevent invasive tumor growth? Breast thermography has the ability to warn women up to 10 years before any other procedure that a cancer may be forming. • INDIVIDUALIZED BREAST CANCER RISK ASSESSMENTAre you personally at greater risk for breast cancer? Women with a family history are definitely at greater risk, but 75% of women who get breast cancer have no family history of the disease. Regardless of your family history, if a thermogram is abnormal you run a future risk of breast cancer that is 10 times higher than a first order family history of the disease. Thermography is the only technology to provide women with a future risk assessment. If discovered, certain thermographic risk markers can warn a woman that she needs to work with her doctor to improve her breast health. Monitoring with regular check-ups and thermography will look for improvements with time or possibly the earliest signs that a problem may exist.

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