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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Puberty is stealing my baby, Isn't she too young for that?

Puberty coming much sooner for girls in America…. I woke up this morning with my 8 year old daughter kicking me with her long legs, she feel asleep in my bed last night watching a movie. She still looks like a baby when she sleeps, and I love that. I was enjoying this tender moment when suddenly I thought to myself “I wonder when she will start her period? GOD please don’t let her start too early.” Her little body is already changing with tiny baby hairs, faint body order and every month she gets extremely emotional. My little girl still plays with baby dolls, believes in Santa Claus and plays dress up. She is a girly girl and I know this will serve her well when she grows up, however right now she is experiencing the onset of puberty.

What will I say to her, exactly what words will come out, should I memorize a script? I was suddenly so confused and this immediately started all this internal dialogue, I wasn’t even out of bed yet and it was already a Manic Monday. I got up drove her to her tutoring class and I came home to check emails and BOOM !! Yahoo had an article out on this very subject, I couldn’t believe it.

I would love to share it with all of you….


Hi friends, the above article was written by one of my Mom friends, on her site http://www.momzinthemix.com/. This is an incredible site for Moms, and Women all together.
Tell us if you have a story similar, and how you are making it through, or better yet, how you did it!

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, that I cant believe how fast my daughter has physically matured in the past few years. She just turned 11, and has various signs that the time is coming all tooo fast. Hair, moods, acne...OMG!!!! The thing that kills me is that I have paid up to $3.99 per half gallon, for organic milk since she was born, due to the issues with antibiotics, growth hormones etc. I did what I could on that arena, and still evolution is playing a part in early puberty. What is the main cause? It so saddens me. Am I just a mom who cant let go of her baby, or is 9 too young to have hair under her arms? My poor child stopped wearing tank tops, and if in a swim suit, i couldnt figure out why she was waving her arms like a penguin. Then she showed me the pits....ARRGH! The hair wasnt peach fuzz,, it was HAIR! So I let my baby shave it at 9 years old. Just so she would lift her arms. I felt it was too young to shave, but come on..I couldnt let her feel embarrased like that.
What to do? How am I suppose to feel?